We provide appraisal services for all types of real estate...

Depending in the property type, reporting format, and turnaround requested, prices will vary. We will be happy to provide you with a custom price quote. Below is a breakdown of our most popular narrative appraisal products:

Restricted Report
Our most limited option, this abbreviated narrative contains only the essentials. Most applicable in situations where very limited reporting is acceptable, when only property identification, brief approaches to value, and a reconciliation/conclusion are sought. This format is most often used in consulting or portfolio monitoring.

Appraisal Report
Our most popular narrative format used for lending purposes, litigation, estates, tax abatement, among other purposes. The Summary (generally 50-100 pages in length) can entail two to three approaches to value, depending on the age, type, and use of the property.

Also vary widely, depending on time, complexity, and research involved. Again, we will be happy to provide you with a custom price quote to fit your needs.


Single Family

FNMA Form 1004



FNMA Form 1073


2-4 Family

FNMA Form 1025


 Includes most Massachusetts non-complex residential properties
 Complex Residential and Vacant Land: Please ask for a custom quote.